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Web chat solution -
Web chat solution is a product which is similar to Whatsapp/Viber. The configuration is very simple, the only thing that is necessary is to get a server and upload files. With our product a customer doesn’t require any additional development or design, it will bring benefits after its launching. Web ...
Added on March 4, 2015

WhatsApp Clone Script - BlaberChat - Instant Messaging App Builder -
Agriya extends its list of contributive products once again with its newly launched “Blaber Chat”-A Whatsapp clone script for the iOS mobile platform. Thriving on every latest technical improvement, this particular app script is designed to be valuable to many business verticals. The high degree of compatibility and usability is ...
Added on November 28, 2016

Slack Clone - LAN Messenger software -
Output Messenger is an inter-office, safe & secure communication tool which offers you a variety of environment such as private chat, group chat , chat Rooms and announcement/ broad cast messages. Every messages in your network were secured by SSL/TLS. It was developed to suit any networks as LAN, WAN, ...
Added on November 17, 2017

Cabily Script -
The Cabily Automated Dispatch System With the rising popularity of taxi booking apps, there are so many seemingly reliable mobile dispatch systems available out there, that you don't know which one to choose anymore. Cabily offers you a way out. The app is developed using the latest in high end ...
Added on March 7, 2017

Stayal Script -
Stayal is an online vacation rental booking platform that delivers a comprehensible business concept for vacationers and tourists to benefit accommodation from any part of the world. Entrepreneurs can exploit to develop a scalable business with our Airbnb clone script, Stayal.
Added on January 13, 2017

ArrowChat 1.0 -
ArrowChat is a jQuery chat software that uses PHP and mySQL. It is placed at the bottom of your website similar to Facebook Chat. The script is fully customizable from within the administration panel. Customers of ArrowChat are also able to buy or sell modifications, themes, and plugins for the ...
Added on May 7, 2013

WSN InstaChat 1.00 -
Try out a new kind of chat script, for free. WSN InstaChat enables real-time communication where you can watch the other person typing in rich text, no pressing enter to send messages.
Added on May 7, 2013

Php Free Chat 1.5 -
php Free Chat is a simple chat system for PHP websites which uses AJAX to refresh (no flicker) the chat room in real-time and display the chat zone and the nickname zone.Features of php Free Chat:- Easy to install- Easy to customize- Multi-lingual- Local storage of nickname and messages- Multiple ...
Added on May 7, 2013

GuestBook Script 1.0 -
Guestbook Script is a free script add a free guestbook on your website. People can post a message directly on your website and all the data will be stored in MySQL database. Along with each comment the date and time when it was posted will be recorded too. External CSS ...
Added on May 7, 2013

Trello clone script -
A trello clone script enabling group conversations, team meetings, assigning tasks, receiving updates, file sharing and many other organizational activities simpler. So simple that it can be used by any employee and not just tech aces. And as a team management software, team heads would now find it easier to ...
Added on December 18, 2015

Team mangement script -
Why have a team discussion in the traditional way when our slack clone can make it much simple. And keeping the discussion secure, users are required to register at the chat app and create their profile only through an authorized e-invite. After which they will be able to join team ...
Added on December 23, 2015