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Inout Web Portal

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Inout Web Portal	 php script
Inout web portal is a fully customizable portal script like Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc with simple integration of scipts from Inoutscripts#Easily manageable service display order#Service categoriztion accroding to the service priority#Box based home page content management#Automatic home page content updation#Easily manageable portal public home page using layout editor (Inout Grid Layout Editor)#Fully customizable public area themes#Multilanguage support#Common user registration/login section for all the services in the portal that has member section#Language integration for all the services that had multi-language support#Fully customizable header section from admin area#Easily manageable public page dimensions#Add/Manage services scripts#Add/ Manage data boxes based on various services#Manage box layout, dimensions, content pattern#Easy navigation to service scripts admin area#Preview home page layout after changes#Add/Manage public area themes, languages#View/Manage users

Inout Web Portal is a revolutionary product from Inout Scripts. Inout Web Portal is a fully customizable and flexible portal script and an optimal solution for seamlessly integrating various scripts from such as Inout Search Engine, Inout Article Base, Inout Music, Inout Celebrities, Inout Videos etc. Inout Web Portal allows your users to access all the integrated services through a single login/registration process. Inout Web Portal acts as a container for various other scripts from and enables you to integrate various service into your portal. Inout Web Portal comes with a fully customizable public home page, which maintained by loading data from various other services. It helps you to run a portal like yahoo/msn with your minimal effort and cost.

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